Free Classic Movies: Beast of Yucca Flats, Dishonored Lady and Special Agent K-7


Some authorities representatives pursue a Russian scientist to the Yucca Flats atomic test earth. Gun battle ensues leading to a massive atomic blast. The scientist then turns to the Beast of Yucca Flats if he’s subjected to a lot of radioactivity. The monster poses a fantastic danger as it starts to kill people randomly solarmovie.

This movie is also called “Girl Madness”.

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Manager: Coleman Francis

Nation: USA

Complete Runtime: 54 minutes

Madeleine Damien is a gorgeous self-absorbed art editor. She’s an intriguing and complicated character, acting like she’d love to die. Her disagreeable past life constantly haunts her. Thus Madeleine moves from high-paid Manhattan magazine editor into fighting Greenwich Village artist and leaves people that are close to him. After a while she meets a great man named David S. Cousins that for all intents and purposes is very significant since they fall in love with each other shortly later. But she does not need to inform him about her previous though her psychologist advises to achieve that. Finally that comes between them as David becomes more suspicious about his girlfriend secrets. The movie is somewhat slow. However, if you’re patient, you’ll discover that the film has quite an intriguing plot really.

Main casts of this movie – Dennis OKeefe, Hedy Lamarr, John Loder, Morris Carnovsky and William Lundigan. This movie is also called “Sins of Madeleine”.

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Defense attorney, Irving Pichel, bribes a juror to be able to affect a murder trial. Afterwards the juror is murdered. Shortly afterwards a night club owner is killed by a young guy, or so they basically thought. FBI representative, Walter McGrail, is requested to prevent these organized offenses. McGrail goes undercover, introduces as compound businessman and attempts to resolve the murder mystery. Can McGrail triumph in this project? Watch the movie to learn more about the particular agent!

Main casts of the film comprise Donald Reed, Irving Pichel, Queenie Smith, Walter McGrail and Willy Castello.



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