What is Importance of Ayatul Kursi Necklace and why Muslim community love it


Muslim jewelry comes in various metals, but gold is considered the most popular among other metals. And, if you are in the quest of genuine Islamic jewelry made of gold, then this article will indeed work as a guiding light for you. In other words, it can help you choose the right product (s), and get the best out of your hard-earned money.

Variations in metal’s purity: Be it gold, silver or any other similar metal, there may be chances of variations of their quality, which can finally impact the purity and design of your Muslim jewelry. People looking for gold jewelry should consider it’s purity, which is measured in carat (K). The ideal carat of solid ornaments needs to be 22K, but they can be stated in 18K, 20K too. The purest form of gold is 24k, which is known to be extremely soft for making ornaments. Thus, the jewelers mix other metals such as silver, copper, or nickel to improvise its strength.

Variety: Every one of us has likes or dislikes, which may differ from each other. Instead of opting for yellow colored gold for your ayatul kursi necklace, ring, bracelet or some kind of other jewelry item, you have an option to choose rose gold and white gold too. These types will vary colors that are generally made by the amalgamation of gold and other metals including silver, cooper, etc .

Price Calculation: No matter if it is about investing in a home, car, or an Arabic pendant, the price plays a vital role in every purchase. The easiest way to calculate the price of your jewelry is to consider the metal’s current price (per gram) along with the amount charged by your jeweler to make it.

Authentication: There is a law in some countries, to have the gold jewelry stamped, which indicates its authenticity. It is often performed with a hallmarking system. Hence, the jewelers stamp their jewelry with their own stamp, which exhibits their identity combined with the carat value.

It is a well-known fact that buying/selling gold is simply not an everyday task for each one us. Therefore , other than adopting the above-mentioned measures, it is recommended ensuring your jeweler’s reputation before you finally make any deal. You can perform the same by going through its website, checking online customer reviews, or by requesting the necessary documents from your jeweler.

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