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I myself dropped into what’s a frequent trap for a whole lot of A Course In Miracles pupils and educators–carrying deep truths like “I need do nothing” (ACIM, T-18. VII) and “It is all an illusion” and with them as religious platitudes, which actually keeps us handling our beliefs, principles, and theories rather than going via any real healing. He says:

I’ve started to find that the program, such as many other mysterious files, is composed on two levels–one let’s call the flat, or dull, level. At this point, it appears understandable enough and attractive to the normal intellect and applicable to our “normal” earthly life. It uses terms and concepts with which we’re comfortable, and we have a tendency to interpret and assess the Course its theories and its effectiveness using our normal linear and comparative idea patterns–“my own” ego, “more serene,” “happier,” “progress,” “development,” etc.. This is the degree for the student who’s casual or just curious. While participating at this level may plant some seed deep inside the brain, it doesn’t even start to approach the true basic teaching of the program.

For many, there appears to come a time, normally after years of extreme devotion to the Course (or some other religious path for this matter), that something changes radically. The Course no more appears to “work,” not in the sense that lots of testimonials say it will. This is an essential time; many stop at this stage and go searching for the metaphysical buffet for a different “route” which “works” What’s happening?

It had been my experience a few years back I had really struck the ceiling of this “Stage I” adventure of A Course In Miracles. I felt like that I wasn’t deepening, and I kept hearing that I had to go deeper. However, I had my own strategy for Awakening and it was only when I totally relinquished that strategy (of attempting to combine illusion and reality) I managed to start to step into “Phase II.” This is quite another stage and one which many students of A Course In Miracles┬áif captured in the “I need do nothing” and “It is an illusion” stage, don’t need to tackle. Stage II is the very deep religious undoing of this self-concept. It is looking at all of the attachments and idols and stating to the deceived head, “I’m afraid but I’ll look at you anyhow!” It’s learning to truly read and listen to the program. It’s not the entertaining or fascinating part, nor can it be reassuring or consoling.

This is a period of profound surrender to the hidden power that’s pulling us towards it. It’s not a period of feeling great or using religious pink paint, using a newcomer’s consciousness, to profound, profound teachings (like “I need do nothing” and “It is only an illusion”) which require an enormous sum of undoing until they may be authentically applied. There’s not any way somebody in Stage I will grasp the beauty and depth of exactly what phrases even imply. It is ego arrogance to select them out and use them like they were known in any way. This is a period of looking intently in the fact that we dothink we are different bodies residing with personal minds and with a human experience. Here is the lie which must be contested and authentically released so the Spirit could lift us over the battle. With no company, committed dedication to the undoing of all we believe we are and what we believe we understand, we’ll never taste the truth of what lies below all our self-deception. We’re Spirit–innocent, free, and loving–and all that isn’t that must be brought up and viewed as untrue.

It’s my experience that there are many measures at the outset of Stage II.

The planet which appears to hold you captive may be escaped by anybody who doesn’t hold it precious. Withdraw all worth you’ve put upon its own rugged offerings and senseless presents, and allow the present of God replace all of them.

Everything you appreciate this is but a series that binds you to the planet, and it’ll serve no other conclusion but this. For everything should serve the purpose you’ve provided it, until you find another function . The sole purpose worthy of head that this world contains is that you simply pass it , without needing to comprehend some hope where there is none. Be you duped no longer.


All things you attempt to produce your worth greater on your eyesight limit you farther, conceal your value by you, and include a second bar throughout the doorway that contributes to true comprehension of yourself.

Today that’s a radical and amazing instruction! What exactly are we valuing above our connection with God? As Jesus says in ACIM, the fantasies you believe you enjoy are traps of this self: “The fantasies you believe you enjoy would hold you as far as the ones where the fear is viewed. For each and each dream is a dream of fear, regardless of what the kind it appears to take.” IV.2) They have to be contested–all these would be the “holy cows” from the self’s arsenal for maintaining our mild hidden under the bushel. The bushel is of the idols we’re reluctant and also fearful to approach. I needed to look at all of the areas where I had been placing my thoughts energy to what Jesus calls for a “crazy hallucination.” “Imagine if you understood this universe is the hallucination? Imagine if you really knew you made this up? Imagine if you understood that people who appear to walk around inside, to sin and perish, assault and murder and ruin themselves are completely unreal? Would you have faith in everything you see, in the event that you accepted this?

I needed to start to wonder all the various methods by which I had been moving farther in the illusion instead of releasing its grip on me. This takes careful thought. After I had surrendered my strategy for recovery, the Holy Spirit became the way for its “how” and matters started to shift rather rapidly. It sensed disjunctive and counterintuitive to the self, but Jesus sets it out so superbly from the Manual for Teachers that in a specific stage, you won’t go on independently but you’ll have “influential companions” by your side. The Spirit supplied the strength I had in the kind of way-showers who’d walked through the shadow of their minds to reach the light. Just like a beacon of light, they kept a continuous presence as I started to allow the mask drop. I know, with no doubt, the Spirit’s capacity to provide us all is limited only by our clutching and clinging to the things of the illusory world. Jesus says in Workbook Lesson 129, “Our focus isn’t on giving the Earth, however on exchanging it to what’s a lot more satisfying, filled with pleasure, and capable of supplying you peace.” It’s my fullest pleasure to see that each appearing fearful step within this undoing is well worth it. God’s will for me personally is perfect joy!

We’ve committed our lives to the launch of the obstructions into the gorgeous sense of Love’s Presence. This really is a love with no object and flows freely and delightfully through the brain. It isn’t conditional on situation. It’s a profound contentment. Utilizing Living Miracles Monastery as a blanket of light, we combine together in goal and discover the egoic patterns which create fear in our heads so the living experience of the Course guarantees us may come forth. Many have arrived and discovered, as this profound excavation is permitted, the alchemy starts to happen at the head and as explained in the program, “In this particular learning is salvation born. And What you’re will inform you of Itself.” While this glimpse of the real world starts to dawn on a fuzzy head, we start to walk more fearlessly towards this which has ever been calling us home. Retreatants from all over the globe come to experience the very first uneasy steps to the deeper program and understanding of the Course’s teachings. I’m constantly admired by their courage and dedication to follow with an invisible inner tug which may no longer be resisted.

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